Hell and Back Training for the faint hearted

Hell and back is a race held in the middle of winter in my lovely home of County Wicklow.  Set on an estate just outside of Bray, the race has attracted national attention due to the obscure nature of the obstacles set around the 10 km race.  The course itself has featured on programs like Ireland’s Fittest Families.

So you ask, how do I fit into all of this.  Well as many of my friends will know, I love training and have done a lot of it over the years.  After I had my last child, I found it incredibly difficult to get back in shape, and it has taken a lot of time and effort.  Now I am roped into taking part in the hell and back race for a charity here in Gorey, County Wexford where I live.  Sounds simple, huh?  Well I thought so too, until I checked out the website and read some of the training blogs.  http://www.hellandback.ie/Obstacles.aspx

I am very excited to be taking part in this race and today did my first dip in the Irish Sea here in Courtown.  And yes, now I consider myself to be a hardy Irish woman, as I managed this without a wetsuit.

You see, the first obstacle of the Hell and Back race is a dunk in ice cold water, and I like to be well prepared.  So this morning before my Tuesday morning body tone class, I got into my Speedo, and headed into the sea with only my crocs.  It was cold, but I found that if I detached myself from the cold, it was possible.  So there I was up to my knees the first time, then I ran out; second time in I dunked and screamed like a maniac, so loudly that the men in the diggers on the beach took notice.  Then it was time for the third round.

After the third time into the sea, I ran out screaming.  I ran up to my car, in an attempt to warm my body and from there, I drove over to the gym for my morning training session.  After the swim I found it very difficult to get warmed up for the body tone class, however I believe that if I persevere it will get easier.

I am hoping that this blog will help someone who is training for the race like me, or prompt one or more of my friends to help me reach my 200 euro fund raising goal for St Aiden’s in Gorey.

More to follow another day!!!!





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